If you answer YES to at least one of the questions below, then a breast pump is what you need for a nice and smooth breastfeeding journey.

Are you getting back to work? You want to collect your milk so your baby can have it when you are not around? Also you want to maintain your milk supply for when you are together?

Do you have a premature born baby and you want to feed him/her with breast milk?

Is your baby unable to latch to your breast?

Looking to stimulate your milk production and increase your milk supply?

Searching for a solution to relieve the pain and pressure of your engorged breasts?

Do you want to keep your milk supply up if your healthcare provider advises you to stop nursing temporarily because you’re taking medication that might be harmful to your baby? Or if you’re hospitalised for a short time and can’t breastfeed throughout the day?

Do you want the best alternative to breastfeeding?

Whether you choose to exclusively breastfeed, pump or formula feed, the fact that you are taking your time to find out what is right for you and your baby, shows your level of love and commitment. That makes you a great parent, no matter what you decide.

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