Spectra Nursing Pads

AED 50.00

If you have decided to breastfeed, you will need to get yourself nursing pads. They absorb the milk that leaks between feedings. You wear them inside your bra to keep it dry and keep milk away from your clothes. It is important that your nipples are as dry as possible to avoid irritation or yeast infections.

  • Environment-friendly materials – made with eucalyptus tree material, smooth and soft feel
  • Only 3mm thin with a high absorptive SAP sheet that doesn’t lump up
  • Leak prevention cover – no unwanted stains on your clothes
  • Always fixed and secured inside your bra by the two push prevention tapes
  • Packed individually – keeping them clean in your bag for when you need them
  • Essential for breastfeeding mamas
  • Includes 30 disposable pads

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