I am Dana, mom of two little girls, I am always in a search of new items that would make motherhood a smoother ride.

Today, time is a luxury, so I wanted to make the most of it. When it comes to feeding my baby, I knew that the choice is not just breastfeeding or formula feeding. There is an in-between choice that is sometimes overlooked – breast pumping. Therefore, I was an exclusive pumper by choice with my first baby and I used a pump that was considered by many, top of the range. It was ok, but not good enough to determine me not to search for a better product when I was getting things ready to welcome my second baby into the world. That is how I came across the Spectra breast pumps. The reviews from other moms that used the pump convinced me to give it a try. And I was so impressed with the Spectra S1 Plus that I decided to make this great product accessible to the nursing mothers in UAE.

What is so different about this pump? Well, I can tell you that the pumping time to empty my breasts came down to 10-15 minutes, instead of 15-20 minutes as before. I no longer had pain during expression, nor sore nipples.

My milk supply was never in a challenge while using Spectra, I always had extra milk in my fridge and freezer, as suppose with the other pump that I faced times when I was eating fenugreek seeds and drinking all sorts of teas that supposed to boost my milk supply. And all this by pumping 4 to 5 times a day. Before I was forced to pump 6 to 8 times and still struggle with my milk stash.

If your baby prefers a certain brand of milk bottle, I have good news, you can fit bottles from other brands, directly or using a bottle adapter.

The Spectra breast pumps have a close system, which means that they have a barrier between the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism to prevent contamination by bacteria / mould / viruses. So you can be sure your baby is safe, as well it is safe to resell it or let other moms use it. My previous pump had an open system, if I had known the difference back then, I would have chosen differently for sure.

All parts that come in contact with the milk are BPA free.

Whether you choose to exclusively breastfeed, pump or formula feed, the fact that you are taking your time to find out what is right for you and your baby, shows your level of love and commitment. That makes you a great parent, no matter what you decide.