Now let’s figure out which Breast Pump you need?

All Spectra Breast Pumps have Closed Systems, nice and quiet and can be used as Single or Double Pumps. When it comes to buying a breast pump you’re going to weigh up Portability, Performance and Budget.

When you’re choosing your pump, consider where you’ll be pumping. How often you’ll pump. And whether you need to carry your pump around.

If you want to use the pump occasionally, or 2-3 times daily while you are at work. You will need a lightweight, silent and time-efficient model. Therefore you might want to consider  – Spectra 9Plus (which weights 239 grams) or Spectra Q (which weights 160 grams).

If you are an exclusive pumper and you need to use the breast pump more than 4 times per day. You might want to consider the ultra light model Spectra 9 Plus or the hospital grade model Spectra S1 Plus. Both Pumps have the same vacuum power (320 mmHg). They Are silent (less noisy than a fan – below 45db) and  have Let Down – Massage Mode. Furthermore they have plenty of pumping levels to choose from. Spectra 9 Plus has 10 vacuum levels, while SpectraS1 Plus has 12 vacuum levels to choose from.

The main difference is the fact that Spectra S1 Plus is a multi user pump. While Spectra 9 Plus is a single user breast pump. This feature makes the S1 Plus a Hospital Grade Breast Pump. However both breast pumps motors are guaranteed to work for 1500 hours. They both have a Warranty of 2 Years on the motor.

We can assure you that all our pumps will do the job greatly, the only difference is in options, shape and price.

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